Cast Iron Alloys

Alloys available for welding cast iron and joining cast iron to steel with nickel or nickel alloys.


Product list

Suited to joining, filling and buildup of gray and alloyed cast irons. It can be used for fabrication and repair of pump housings, valves, castings, cast and malleable fittings, and for general repair of all cast irons. Deposits are machinable and have high strength.
For building up, joining, filling holes, breaks and cracks in all types of cast iron. It has very good out-of-position welding characteristics.
Used for welding of cast irons to other cast irons as well as for joining cast irons to mild steels and stainless steels. It is also readily used for the repair of castings.
Commonly used on gears, motor housings, machine parts, farm equipment, large fames or any other cast iron part where appearance of the weld deposit is not important.