Copper Alloys

Designed for repair and fabrication applications on steel copper, copper alloys, nickel, and nickel alloys.

Product list

E Cu
Welding of copper structures and surfacing of marine corrosion carbon steel parts.
E CuSn-C
This copper-tin alloy is used to weld copper-tin composition base metals, and to weld copper alloys, including brass to steel.
E CuMnNiAl
Most universal bronze electrode. Excellent for joining and surfacing. Excellent frictional wear resistance. For uses such as: ship propellers, valves, turbines, hydraulic equipment, pump housings, sculptures.
E CuAl-A2
This versatile filler metal is used for joining aluminum bronze base metals, welding brass, steel and a variety of dissimilar metal applications.


Designed for welding applications on high copper content base metals. This alloy produces trouble free welds that are a good color match to copper and have high electrical conductivity. Can also be used to weld copper to steel.
Used for gas metal and gas tungsten arc welding. Can also be used by oxy-fuel welding of 70/30, 80/20, and 90/10 copper nickel alloys. A barrier layer of nickel alloy 610 is recommended prior to overlaying steel with GMAW weld process.
LFB Bare
General purpose oxyacetylene rods for braze welding steel, cast iron, malleable iron and some nickel alloys. Commonly used for fusion welding of brass, bronze and copper alloys as well as for building up wearing surfaces.
LFB Coated
A low-fuming bronze alloy for torch brazing. Typical Applications: Braze welding steel, cast iron and copper. May be used with standard oxy-fuel torch.