Hardfacing Alloys

Hardfacing alloys to resist impact, abrasion, erosion, heat, corrosion and a wide variety of wear problems.

Product list

A heat treatable alloy steel suited for the build-up of carbon and low alloy steels only. High compressive strength makes it an excellent base for harder or more abrasion-resistant overlay alloys. It has good resistance to cracking even in multiple-pass deposits. It is not limited to a maximum number of layers of build-up.
Tungsten Carbide Electrode
Optimised combination of toughness and wear resistance due to the heterogeneous weld metal composed of tungsten carbides distributed in a hard and very tough matrix.
Chromium Carbide
Leaves an extra high chromium carbide alloy steel intended for overlay on surfaces subjected to extremely severe abrasion.
Build up of all components exposed to metal-metal wear. Ideal for components such as crane wheels, trolley wheels, locomotive wheels, gears, steel shafts, idlers, rollers and any components subject to metal-metal wear.


Tool Steel Electrode
A special stainless alloy electrode balanced for maximum strength and crack resistance. Recommended for joining dissimilar steels, and hard-to-weld steels. Can be used for any high strength application, where wear, impact, heat and corrosion resistant properties are required. Excellent for high alloyed steels and for repair of cracked dies.
Overlay RC 66 to 68
Hard facing electrode for extreme abrasion resistance. Applications fro Arc Welding AC or DC Reverse Polarity. Not recommended for manganese steel.
Cobalt Electrode
Cobalt alloys are used primarily for wear applications, our cobalt alloys can be applied by any known fusion welding process or HVOF spraying proess and are particularly well-suited for hardfacing applications.